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There are so many advantages to male enhancement supplements. These benefits become even more pronounced when you look at the alternative: prescription medication. Prescription ED meds like Viagra can be expensive and can have unwelcome side effects. Also, it’s embarrassing to ask your doctor for a prescription or to pick them up at the pharmacy. Whose business is it of theirs if your your performance is lacking?

Another major advantage to dietary supplements over prescription medication is that there are rarely any side effects. The ingredients used in supplements are safe and all-natural – Or they should be! And this leads us to why you really should NOT buy Vimax Pills.

[ WARNING - Vimax is Banned in Canada and No Longer Available ]


Vimax Has a Hidden Drug Ingredient that is Hazardous to Your Health

According to this Public Notice from US Food and Drug Administration, Vimax contains a hidden drug ingredient that can be dangerous to your health! FDA lab analysis has confirmed that tadalafil, the main ingredient of the prescription ED drug Cialis, is an unlisted ingredient in Vimax.

"As a Result of their Finding the FDA is Now Warning Consumers Against Purchasing or Using Vimax"

Following in the FDA's foot steps, Health Canada has since banned the sale of Vimax in Canada as well as the importation of Vimax Into Canada.

That’s right – buying Vimax in Canada or having it shipped to Canada is actually against the law and can get you into a heap of trouble, let's explain...

-------- This is Very Important Information Below --------

It is very important for you to understand that Vimax is NOT sold in Canada by anyone, anywhere! Although you may have come across websites that appear to be selling Vimax in Canada you can be assured that when you click on the "BUY" button you will always be redirected to their USA website, every single time!

You see, although Vimax is manufactured in Canada, the sale of Vimax in Canada is illegal because of the fact that is contains the restricted drug (tadalafil) therefore the company has resorted to shipping it from the USA. However, even though they say they ship to Canada they certainly won't guarantee that you will get it.

Will You Get Your Order?

The probability is that you WILL NOT get your order because anything that is illegal, restricted or requires a Doctor's prescription will potentially be stopped at the border.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) keeps a data-base of the addresses of companies that have been found trying to ship restricted drugs/products into Canada, so upon receipt of your order of Vimax at the Canadian border a quick cross check of the senders address will set off a red flag, your package will then be inspected and you will eventually receive a letter from CBSA telling you that your order has been seized and will be destroyed.

What CBSA won't tell you is that your name and address will also be entered into their data-base as someone who has "attempted to import prohibited goods" which means that anything you order in the future that comes from outside of Canada will be held at the border for inspection, and if that is not bad enough; every time you leave the country and then re-enter you will be treated as someone who might be trying to smuggle prohibited goods into the country... It can become a real nightmare for you and it's just not worth it!

Why is Tadalafil a Bad Thing?

So why is this a bad thing? Cialis is a powerful prescription erectile dysfunction treatment. If there’s some tadalafil in Vimax, that must make it work really well in fixing the problem, right? Well, there’s always the danger of getting too much of a good thing.

Tadalafil isn’t for everyone. One of the reasons that you need a prescription for Cialis is because tadalfil has a very specific effect on the human body. Cialis is a vasodilator, which increases blood flow and reduces blood pressure.

If you’re already on blood pressure medication or suffer from low BP to begin with, taking Cialis – or anything with tadalafil, like Vimax – could be dangerous. In a worst-case scenario, Vimax could be harmful or even fatal in certain dosages. 

There is a Better Option!

So what are you supposed to do? You can’t buy Vimax in Canada. You’ve already decided you can’t face your doctor to ask for a prescription. And buying meds over the internet to be delivered to your home is incredibly risky. Even if you do receive a package – which is unlikely considering how Canada Customs keeps a lookout for prescription restricted drugs being sent internationally – there’s no guarantee you’ll get what you pay for.

Do you want to risk your health by using Vimax or jeopardize your good name with Canada Customs by ordering Vimax into Canada? Why would you even trust a company that is willing to hide their ingredient list from the public and attempt to ship it into Canada when they know full well that it is banned? This is absolutely criminal and they can’t be trusted. No, the best way to treat the problem is to find a better solution – a better male enhancement supplement that is not only safe but that is also legal in Canada.

This is Where VigRX Plus® Comes In

There are other male enhancement supplements out on the market. Ones that don’t have harmful, illegal prescription drugs in them. 
If you’re looking for an alternative male enhancement supplement to replace Vimax, this is where VigRX Plus® comes in.

Made with honest-to-goodness all-natural ingredients this enhancement supplement is male improvement made easy. The safe and powerful blend of proven natural ingredients increases blood flow and sex drive in men of all ages, all without relying upon prescription ED medications in order to do it.
Proven Ingredients, No Side Effects

Rated as the #1 Penis Pills in Canada they are loaded with all-natural ingredients that have been studied exhaustively in dozens of clinical studies. These ingredients are considered safe, with no known side effects – which is more than you can say for Vimax.

The powerful enhancement formula includes ingredients such as the natural amino acid L-arginine, essential vitamins and minerals like Zinc and Niacin (Vitamin B3), the plant extract Cordyceps, used in traditional Asian medicine for generations, and the powerful antioxidant Ellagic Acid, found naturally in plant extracts.

While the supplement’s ingredients have been proven safe, be sure to check with your doctor before you begin taking male enhancement supplements. In fact, you should check with your primary care provider before beginning any kind of supplement regimen, just in case.

Your Privacy Is Important

You shouldn’t be judged if you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculationlow libido or anything else, It’s nobody’s business but your own if you feel the need for male enhancement supplements. That’s why it’s good to know that they are committed to your privacy at all times.

Their all natural formulation does not require a prescription and can be shipped straight to your door. This means you won’t have to face the scrutiny of a doctor or a pharmacist. Not even your postman will know, as the discreet packaging won’t draw attention to itself. You won’t even see the words “Male Enhancement” on your credit card bill or bank statement. Your secret is safe with them!

But Not As Important as Your Satisfaction

This product is all about doing what it says on the bottle. The company doesn’t play games by secretly using illegal prescription drugs. Instead, they stand by their word, offering a full 67-day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, simply send whatever you’ve got left back to the company and you’ll get a full refund.

You may not be able to buy Vimax in Canada any more, but you can buy VigRX Plus  or Male Extra which are far superior products. Their safe, proven, all-natural ingredients are literally guaranteed to leave you satisfied with the difference in your size and sex drive. And if you would rather go with a penis enlargement pump we highly recommend the Penomet as it is one of the leading penis pumps in Canada and is the only one to offer up to 5 different Gaiters

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