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What Is Delayed Ejaculation and How Can You Treat It?

Delayed Ejaculation

Delayed Ejaculation (DE) is a medical condition that is also sometimes known as “impaired ejaculation”. It’s a problem wherein men take longer to ejaculate than usual. Unlike premature ejaculation when men will ejaculate quickly,there are some men who take a very long time or are unable to ejaculate at all. Most men will experience some form of DE at some point in their lives but the problem can persist for a lifetime for some men. 

While there are no serious medical risks associated with this condition it can nevertheless be stressful and could create problems with your sex life and your personal relationships. The good news is that there are treatment options available. 

The Symptoms of Delayed Ejaculation

Delayed Ejaculation is when it takes longer than 30 minutes of sexual stimulation for a 
man to reach orgasm and ejaculate, which is when the penis discharges semen. There 
are some men who find they can only ejaculate from oral or manual stimulation while 
there are others who are completely incapable of ejaculating. 

Having DE last for the rest of your life can be a serious problem that develops as you 
get older. There are some men that find themselves with a generalized delayed 
ejaculation problem that happens in every sexual situation. There are men who find 
they only suffer from it with specific partners or in specific circumstances. This problem 
is considered to be “Situational Delayed Ejaculation”. 

Causes of Delayed Ejaculation 

Some men confuse DE with having a low libido, however that really is not the case, there are a number of possible causes of DE; psychological problems, chronic health conditions, and medication are the main ones. 

The psychological causes of delayed ejaculation include traumatic experience. Some people could place a negative connotation on sex because of their culture or religion. Anxiety and depression also reduce your sex drive, which can lead to DE. 

Delayed ejaculation can be worsened by relationship stress, anger, and communication problems. Being disappointed by sex compared to the fantasies you have in your head can also cause DE. If this is the cause of it then men will often be able to ejaculate through masturbation but not sex. 

There are some chemicals that can affect the nerves that control ejaculation. They can affect your ability to ejaculate with or without a partner. There are also medications that can cause DE including:

  • Antidepressants 
  • Antipsychotics
  • High blood pressure medications
  • Diuretics 
  • Alcohol 

DE can also be caused by surgeries and trauma. Physical causes of ED include:

  • Nerve damage in the spine and pelvis
  • Prostate surgeries which cause nerve damage
  • Heart disease, which can prevent blood reaching the pelvis
  • Infections; in particular urinary infections and prostate infections
  • Strokes and neuropathy
  • Low thyroid hormone
  • Low testosterone levels 
  • Birth defects that can have an effect on ejaculation 

Having a temporary problem with ejaculation could lead to anxiety and depression, which can make the ejaculation problems worse, even if you were to treat underlying physical causes. 

Diagnosing Delayed Ejaculation 

An initial diagnosis of delayed ejaculation can be made with an explanation of your symptoms and a physical examination. If your doctor suspects the problem could be caused by a physical health problem they may perform more tests including blood and urine tests to diagnose that. 

These blood tests will test you for infections, hormonal imbalances and other health problems. Using a vibrator to test your penis can show if the problem is physical or psychological. 

Delayed Ejaculation Treatment 

The treatment for delayed ejaculation depends on the cause for it. If you’ve never ejaculated or have lifelong ejaculation problems then a urologist will be able to test you for structural birth defects. 

Your physician will be able to work out if a medication could be the cause. If it turns out that medication is then your doctor will adjust your medication and monitor any symptoms. 

For the most part delayed ejaculation can be treated through solving the mental and physical causes. Having your DE identified and treated could lead to your doctor finding a different medical condition. After treating this condition the DE will typically be treated with it. You also have similar results if the DE is caused by medication. However you should never stop taking medication unless your doctor instructs you to. 

Another more natural approach would be to consider taking supplements such as Vimax or Male Extra in Canada which are designed to enhance sexual pleasure thus leading to greater and more controlled climaxes.

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