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The Most Technologically Advanced Penis Pump in Canada!


The Penomet Pump is a revolutionary new penis enlargement pump that has been painstakingly designed to the exact requirements of what consumers really want; resulting in the development of a penis enlargement pump that rivals every other penis pump in the Canadian market!

After receiving feed-back from literally 1,000s of men just like yourself, Penomet took their suggestions and designed an extremely effective water assisted penis pump with a unique difference utilizing interchangeable Gaiters that will allow you to safely, slowly and comfortably increase (or decrease) the amount of pressure being used to enlarge your manhood.

Over two years of field testing and continuous improvements have resulted in an innovative two-part design with an interchangeable gaiter system that offers a scalable, highly effective penis pump that is revolutionizing the industry!

There has never been has a penis enlargement pump that offers this much flexibility while still having the ability to produce visible results in less than 15 minutes. Penomet offers men the ability to permanently increase the length of their penis by as much as 3 inches while adding up to 30% more girth!   

What Makes Penomet the Best?

  • Penomet’s unique design allows for use in the tub, shower or even by itself as a conversional penis pump. The patented AquaPressure system provides the exact amount of vacuum required for maximum results no matter how you use your pump.

  • The primary cylinder inside the Penomet pump is constructed from top quality, unbreakable poly-carbonate plastics while the gaiters are fabricated from the finest medical grade silicon available.

  • Penomet’s cylinders have a precise scale measured in centimeters and inches which is tamped directly onto the plastic while the 3600 degree pressure relief valve makes adjustments to the pressure of your pump a simple task.

  • Penomet is so confident in the design quality and incredible durability of our pumps that we include a lifetime warranty on all gaiters. We know of no other penis enlargement pumps on the market with the level of quality that comes with the Penomet, which is why we are able to confidently offer our lifetime warranty!

  • Our penis pumps are manufactured to the highest standards possible and we are the penis pump manufacturers worldwide to include a 60 day money-back guarantee. If you're not 100% satisfied with your results we'll give your money back!

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How does the Penomet Work?

To achieve the best results from your Penomet pump it is recommended that it be used with water as using penis pumps with just air can sometime results in your penis being enlarged in certain areas but not in others.

The Penomet pump succeeds in dealing with this 
issue by utilizing water which provides equal 
amount of pressure and volume inside the cylinder.

Because of the distinctive design of the Penomet, 
when compression is halted, the one-way valve on 
the end of the cylinder shuts forcing the gaiter to 
expand which results in the pressure being equally 
applied to your penis.

Unlike most other penis enlargement pumps in the 
marketplace, Penomet’s design is truly one-of-a-kind,
complete with (5) interchangeable gaiters that enable 
the user to slowly and safely increase the amount of 
pressure within the cylinder – this means you will 
achieve gains up to 65% quicker compared to pumps 
with fixed, single gaiter settings.

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What kind of gains can I expect?

Most people gain 1-3 inches in penis length with about a 30% increase in the girth.

2) Are the results permanent?

Yes. At first you will see temporary gains which typically last a couple hours, with permanent gains being achieved after prolonged use.

3) How long should I use the Penomet for each day?

At first we recommend using your Penoment once per day for 15-30 minutes per day, then slowly increase the number of sessions as outlined in the instruction manual.

4) How long does it take to see permanent results?

Permanent increases in length and girth are usually obtained in about 1 month of continual use.

5) My penis is already big – will Penomet still work for me?

Penomet can be used on a penis of up to 8 inches in length while still having additional room for gains. Larger cylinders are available for purchase in our accessories section which will allow for more gains.

6) Does the Penomet work on men with micro penis syndrome?

Unfortunately no, however we will be introducing a smaller Penomet pump in the near future that will work for those suffering from this condition.

7) I have Peyronies Disease – will the Penomet for me?

If the curvature of your penis is less than 20◦, then Penomet can help!

8) What’s difference between the white and blue cylinders?

The cylinders are identical – just choose your preferred color on the checkout page.

9) Why are there different colors of gaiters?

Each one of gaiter produces a different amount of pressure. The purple one produces the least amount pressure which provides the proper starting point if you have never used a penis enlargement pump before. As you use the pump more, you will slowly increase the amount of pressure by using different colored gaiters.

10) How long is the warranty?

Penomet pumps have been manufactured to the highest standards possible. Penomet is so confident in the quality of our penis pumps that we offer a 3 year warranty – the very best warranty in the industry!

All of our gaiters come with a lifetime gaiter replacement warranty, however non-water based solutions are used to clean your devise and/or gaiters this will void your warranty, so please read the cleaning instruction carefully.

11) How does the 60 day guarantee work?

If you are not 100% satisfied with the Penomet within 60 days a full refund will be provided (excluding shipping)

12) How long is delivery in Canada?

Shipping to Canada usually takes between 2 - 4 working days.

13) Is packaging discreet?

Yes it is, to ensure your complete privacy all Penomet orders are packaged in plain cardboard boxes with no reference as to what's inside.

14) How will my order appear on my credit card statement?

Due to some recent changes with MASTERCARD and VISA, we’re obligated to provide our website URL and our company name on your credit card statement. Therefore it will say on your statement, however there will be no other reference to what kind of product was purchased.

Penomet is Leading the Industry!

If you want to enlarge your penis or you’ve already tried to enlarge it with a pump that failed to give you the results that you were expecting then Penomet is your solution. Penomet is an extremely effective and scientifically proven method of penis enlargement that really works, you can expect to see a permanent increase in the size of your penis with a minimum amount of time or effort.

Order your Penomet penis pump in Canada today and you’ll be buying a device that is literally on the cutting edge of the penis enlargement industry!

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