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What is Premature Ejaculation and How to Delay It

Premature Ejaculation

Some people confuse premature ejaculation with erectile dysfunction, however they are two different issues, premature ejaculation is when a man ejaculates too soon; before he and his partner even have a chance to enjoy the sex they are having. Premature ejaculation comes in one of two forms; lifelong (primary) and acquired (secondary). 

Lifelong Premature Ejaculation begins early on. It usually begins as a teenager when you are just starting to have sexual contact. Primary PE is more difficult to treat and there is often a deep psychological cause behind it. It could also be caused by bad habits such as masturbating too quickly to ejaculate and reduce the risk of being caught. 

Acquired premature ejaculation happens to older people and can be caused by psychological issues, such as relationship problems, or physical causes such as high blood pressure and diabetes. 

How to Delay Ejaculation 

There are male enhancement supplements that can be taken such as the one we recommend at Vimax Canada or you can go the route of “home remedies” for premature ejaculation including having sex more frequently, masturbating a few hours before having sex, and having sex in a position where the woman is on top. Other remedies include:

Thicker Condoms; thicker condoms make the penis less sensitive, which delays ejaculation. 

Changing behaviour; behavioural techniques such as the “start-stop” 
method and “squeeze techniques” can be used to delay ejaculation 
in the short term but are not effective in the long-term. 

Keep in mind that it could be a few months before you fully recover from 
premature ejaculation and there are some cases where you have to be 
vigilant your whole life. 

On average though between 50% and 95% of premature ejaculation 
sufferers can use sexual techniques to overcome their problems. If you 
change your sexual life significantly, such as getting a new partner or 
undergoing too much stress, then it is possible to relapse, especially if 
you’re already anxious about it. In general you should aim to master 
these techniques as soon as possible. 

The “Start-Stop” Technique 

We mentioned the “Start-stop” technique earlier so let’s look at it in a little more detail. This is when you stop stimulating your penis when you feel you are close to ejaculation. Stopping for between 30 and 60 seconds and then starting again after you regain control can be effective. Repeat this process a few times; stopping before you reach the point of orgasm. After doing it for about four or five times you can finish off and gain a deeper understanding of when you reach your own point of no return. 

Some couples have trouble following this method and find it inconvenient and frustrating, so you should try to make it a part of your healthy sex life and use the gaps to focus on other sources of pleasure to keep sex fun and stimulating. 

The “Squeeze” Technique 

The “squeeze” technique is when you squeeze the penis between the shaft and glans for about half a minute before you ejaculate. This prevents you ejaculating but it could have an effect on your erection, at least until something stimulates you again. Repeat the process for a few times before you’re ready to ejaculate. 

For this method to be really effective you need to keep it up for a few months and it takes a lot of perseverance from both the man and his partner. 

The idea behind this technique is that you will come to recognise when you reach the point of no return and are able to better delay ejaculation. The problem with this technique is that it disrupts sex and so can be quite frustrating. 

Are There Any Other Options?

These two techniques can be combined with other techniques to increase their effectiveness:

  • Distract yourself by thinking about something else, such as something boring or annoying
  • Taking a deep breath before ejaculating can help because it slows down your stimulation and can prolong ejaculation. 

Take Care of Your Partner

Extending the amount of time you spend on foreplay can delay ejaculation while also giving your partner greater satisfaction. Taking this approach can improve your relationship by reducing frustration and making your partner less anxious. 

Something to keep in mind is that the more pressure a man feels during sex the more likely he is to suffer premature ejaculation. Communicating properly during sex can get you past many of the issues and the differences between what you want and what your partner wants in the bedroom. 

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